Dark Peanut Butter Wings | chips plus peanut butter (8 oz)


  • Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz)
  • Rippled potato chips, creamy peanut butter, gourmet dark chocolate
  • “You haven’t lived until you’ve tried these!” Glitter magazine
  • Salty-sweet masterpiece – best-selling specialty chocolate



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There’s peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and bananas, peanut butter smoothies but they all play second fiddle to the confectionary giant we call, Peanut Butter Wings. If dark chocolate is your favorite, then relax, you’ve discovered your new favorite treat. Peanut Butter Wings are so unique they’re trademarked and dark Peanut Butter Wings are so delicious they should come with a warning label that you can’t eat just one. We take crisp, rippled potato chips, cover them in creamy peanut butter and run them under a curtain of gourmet dark chocolate. It’s a salty-sweet combo that has been featured on Food Network, ABC News and other major media. The chip gives you crunch, the peanut butter is salty goodness and the dark chocolate is smooth sweetness. Taste one and you’ll never look at dark chocolate and peanut butter the same again. 

And to top it off, we make this masterpiece by hand – one at a time. Yep, Dark Peanut Butter Wings are not mass-produced. This is edible genius. Our chocolatiers spread peanut butter on every chip before placing it on a conveyor that takes it for a ride through a chocolate curtain and down a long, dark cooling tunnel where it emerges ready to make your day. Peanut Butter Wings are packed in regular 8 ounces or large 16 ounces and come in milk or dark chocolate. No matter what flavor you choose or what size, one thing is certain … you are in for a magical taste ride that you’ll want to enjoy and share with family, friends and colleagues.

A writer for Fancy Food & Culinary Products blog (9-23-16) described their first taste of our Peanut Butter Wings as a near zen-like experience … “It’s a fantastically rich experience that make your eyes pop out a little when you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. Half way through one chip and I melted; all the stresses of the day faded and it was just me and my wings for a blissful 2 minutes. Then I sinned: I got up to have another. So that’s 4 minutes. OK, and then another. Count ‘em, 6 minutes of true bliss …”

The blogger also recognized that Peanut Butter Wings are a one-of-a-kind gift. They put it this way; “The Peanut Butter Wings come in an 8-ounce box that’s more narrow on the bottom yet stands up on its own. It’s bright red colors and picture of the familiar potato chip wrapped in peanut butter and chocolate screams “I’m a fun gift for anyone, any occasion!” It’s definitely a memorable gift, too, because it’s so unique; I haven’t seen anything like them. And I keep going back to that potato chip – it’s genius; it’s a different take on something that everyone knows and everyone loves.”

Dark Peanut Butter Wings are the second half of our famous “Pizza and Wings.” They complement our Chocolate Pizza and together create a gift combination that is an easy choice. But whether you choose a “Pizza and Wings Combo” or just want to enjoy the Peanut Butter Wings by themselves, this is a special treat that everyone loves. Allergy note: All of our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.

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