There are two rules for Valentine’s Day gifts. Rule #1, don’t forget it. Rule #2, don’t be ordinary in your gift choice. Valentine’s Day is the second biggest holiday for Chocolate Pizza Company every year behind the king of all holidays, Christmas. Interestingly though, the single biggest sale day of the year for Central New York’s largest chocolate manufacturer is February 13th. More people shop in our store on that day than any other day of the year – and 95% of them are men. The reason for that is guys procrastinate on picking out that perfect gift until the last possible moment. Every year, we have guys tapping on our glass doors long after we close, apologizing for not making it during business hours but pleading to have us open up so they can get their girl’s favorite chocolate. We always oblige but it remains a near certainty that Valentine’s is the most last-minute holiday on the calendar. The mistake guys make is they put the reminder in their phone for February 14th thinking that’s the day – and they’re right, it never changes – but what they should do is put that reminder in their phone for February 10th so they have time to shop for the perfect gift.

Of course, the last-minute scramble tends to lead many guys to the typical gift like flowers. Hey, nothing wrong with flowers – they’re beautiful – but they don’t say, “I wanted to get you something unique.” Remembering her on Valentine’s is only half the battle, to win the sweetheart wars you need that extra special something that is unexpected and one-of-a-kind. You want to “sweet them off their feet” so to speak and that’s where Chocolate Pizza Company has been Valentine’s gold for decades.

gift chocolate pizza

Gourmet chocolate is at the top of nearly every girl’s wish list and when it’s handcrafted and hand-decorated with eye-catching colors and to-die-for taste, well, that’s when you hit the holiday home-run. The line up of Valentine’s chocolates from Ryan Novak and his team at Chocolate Pizza Company means that you can find the right gift for any budget. Heart-shaped Chocolate Pizzas in rich milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee are a perennial favorite with a candy border (or upgrade to an avalanche border) and “Love You” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” scripted in white chocolate. Of course, the Valentine’s Avalanche Chocolate Pizza weighs in at a hefty 29 ounces of chocolatey love with its mother-load of chocolate and peanut butter candies. You can even have a custom Chocolate Pizza made with your special message scripted on a heart-shaped canvas of mouth-watering chocolate.

gift basket

If gift baskets are more her thing, choose from an assortment that include so many popular chocolate specialties and even a Chocolate Pizza. For that special friend, there is the Sweet Thoughts gift box with more than a few tasty treats and a premium gift box and satin bow. But when you really need to impress, the All My Love or Now and Always Deluxe Gift Baskets will take her breath away.

All you need to remember for Valentine’s Day is Chocolate Pizza Company. Order online now and select, “ship for Valentines” and then relax and wait for the hugs to roll in.