Wedding favors should complement the theme every bride is creating for their unique wedding experience. Chocolate Pizza Company appreciates that focus and gives its chocolatiers creative license to work with brides on wedding favors that are unique, delicious and impressive. We’ve had horse lovers who wanted chocolate horseshoe wedding favors, shopping enthusiasts who chose a chocolate high heel accented with sugar crystals or love birds who went the swirled heart route but one of the most fun themes is always a beach setting. There is something about a virtual trip to paradise that makes it prime for chocolate wedding favors.

horseshoe wedding favors high heel wedding favors

And nothing says, beach theme like flip-flops! One of the most popular wedding favors we do is a fancy flip-flop that guests adore. These start with 3 ounces of gourmet milk or dark chocolate – the richest Swiss-style chocolate available, carefully tempered to bring out its velvety melt-in-your-mouth characteristics. Poured into a cute foot shape, it is ready for our chocolatiers to add their artisan touch. They pipe white chocolate in swirls across the foot to create a backdrop for the sugar flowers and decorations that transform this chocolate canvas into a wedding favors masterpiece. Each one is unique.

fancy flip flop favors

But that isn’t the only beach them wedding favors in the Chocolate Pizza Company line-up. We take that sand and surf concept even further with our beach treasures. These chocolate shells are detailed replicas of some of the beach’s most prized discoveries, each hand-decorated to give them detail and elegance. Paired together in cello with a bow they are the essence of surf and sand favors.

wedding favors beach sea shells

Chocolate Pizza Company is Central New York’s largest chocolate maker and specializes in custom chocolate favors for weddings, parties or events of any size. Featured on Hallmark Channel, CNBC, Food Network and in Forbes, People and Entrepreneur magazines, Chocolate Pizza Company and owner, Ryan Novak, are famous for their signature Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings. Chocolate Pizza blends gourmet chocolate with homemade English toffee, tops it with candies or nuts and serves it in a custom pizza box. Peanut Butter Wings are crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in chocolate for a salty-sweet taste masterpiece. Ryan started with the company as a dishwasher when he was 15 years-old and by age 21 he was the owner. His vision was to transform his small-town chocolate shop into an emerging national brand and the company’s rapid growth since 2010 is evidence of that success.

sea shell beach wedding favors