Mother’s Day is coming up and if you’re not quite sure what to get for your mom, we get it. With gift cards, jewelry and flowers available, it can be a hard choice, especially if you’ve gone down those routes before. Thankfully, Chocolate Pizza Company has unique gift baskets for Mother’s Day, filled with delicious gourmet chocolate because that’s something everyone can appreciate. At Chocolate Pizza Company, we’ve cracked the code on the best gift baskets for Mother’s Day you can find. Here’s five of our best that are sure to please:

  • Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket: Looking for something not too over-the-top? Our Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket makes a great gift for mom with its thoughtful selection of treats, featuring some of the best from Chocolate Pizza Company. Surprise her with gourmet chocolate delicacies delivered right to her doorstep and make this a Mother’s Day worth remembering.
  • Top of the Line Gift Basket: If you feel like Mom deserves the best, it’s because she does. So why not get her the best gift basket? With three Chocolate Pizza Slices, Peanut Butter Wings, a Peanut Butter Sparkler, Peanut Butter Cluster, chocolate-covered graham crackers, rice crispy square, three chocolate-covered cookies and even two Chocolate Boxed Classics, you cannot go wrong. This basket includes everything and more that your mom will absolutely adore.
  • Bunny’s Best Easter Basket: Just because it isn’t Easter doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your mom with a beautiful springtime chocolate basket. With a gourmet egg-shaped chocolate, a festive Moompa, chocolate-dipped delicacies peeps and a selection of some of our best treats, this basket is sure to deliver springtime right to your mom’s door.

  • The Keep Smiling Gift Basket: The Keep Smiling Gift Basket is as bright and cheerful as it sounds. With yummy treats like chocolate-covered pretzels, Peanut Butter Wings, a chocolate-covered rice crispy square and two chocolate-covered cookies, it’s already a feast, but we’ve topped it off with a smiling Moompa and a Smile Chocolate Pizza to really bring cheer to your mother’s face.
  • The For Mom With Love Gift Basket: What better way is there to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a bounty of our most unique treats? The For Mom With Love basket includes the best of Chocolate Pizza Company’s selection. With all of these delicious chocolates presented with a beautiful over-wrap and bow, you’re sure to make this a Mother’s Day she won’t forget.
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