Fall gifts are all about color. But not just any color, a very special color pallet of yellows, browns, reds and orange. These are the hues of a season many of us consider the year’s best. For those of us who live in a part of the country where autumn arrives in triumphant shades, we embrace fall. The air begins to chill and trees transform before our eyes. Home and hearth become more of a focal point of our daily activities. Regardless of the occasion, fall gifts that can capture those colors seem that much more memorable.

Color Matters to Us

But there’s a reason for that. Science has long understood that colors trigger very specific emotions. It is no surprise then that fall gifts in familiar autumn colors create a unique connection. From the time we are a baby, visual contrast serves as a stimulus. Color plays a critical role in our development. It also is frequently associated with good memories – a new toy, bright clothes, a favorite food, a sunny day.

Autumn is an explosion of color and contrasts. Certainly, those sweeping vistas of changing leaves connect us to happy memories. It could be jumping into a pile of raked leaves in the yard. Perhaps, a walk through the pumpkin patch or sipping warm cider. Autumn brings apples and the smells of a kitchen filled with baked goodies. It is virtually impossible to escape the season’s painted hillsides, creeks or forests. Long walks that allow us to soak in the colors reduces stress. Color matters to us consciously and unconsciously.

Autumn in a Box

So why not give a gift that invokes all that joy? Chocolate Pizza Company understands the magic in fall gifts. Central New York’s largest chocolate maker offers a unique Chocolate Pizza that matches the season perfectly. “Autumn Colors” blends gourmet milk or dark chocolate with homemade English toffee. The mixture is poured into pizza pans and topped with chocolate candies and sugar leaves. But it’s their colors that make this Chocolate Pizza an autumn gem. It is autumn in a pizza box.

fall colors chocolate pizza

“Autumn Colors” Chocolate Pizza is a home-run for celebrating birthdays in the fall. Have a child heading back to college? Surprise them with this Chocolate Pizza. The weekend football party just got sweeter when you bring out a chocolate classic in the colors of fall. There is no occasion from September through November that doesn’t get better with chocolate.

So Many Choices

Chocolate Pizza Company has been featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, CMT’s Pickler & Ben, CNBC’s On the Money and Food Network’s Food Factory. Not surprisingly, they have been at this for a long time – 30 years. The production facility is located in the quiet, rolling hills of Upstate New York just minutes from Syracuse. Autumn arrives in full force here so fall gifts are a company specialty.

In addition to “Autumn Colors,” these chocolatiers create a 29 ounce, “Autumn Avalanche” Chocolate Pizza. In October, fall gifts revolve around Halloween. A Chocolate Pizza Slice decorated like a mummy is a favorite as is the Spookilicious Chocolate Pizza. Gift baskets like the Pumpkin Patch and Lumberjack make gift-giving easy.

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