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Chances are, your child has about a zillion friends, each of whom of course has a birthday every year. That’s a lot of birthday parties. When it’s your child’s turn this year, why not steer clear of ho-hum unicorns or pirates and throw a children’s chocolate party instead? You may be asking, what is a chocolate party? That definition is different for every party, which is good news because you get to put your imagination and creativity to work. But to help out, here are a few ideas from us – after all, chocolate is our thing.

Look for invitations depicting images of chocolate candy, or draw your own on unembellished cardstock. Use gel pens to color chocolate kisses and other candies, or have your child do the artwork. Another idea is to glue a chocolate candy bar wrapper to the front of a card and add your own special flair with markers, pens, glitter, etc. You could even attach a real chocolate candy (e.g. mini size of M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, or Kit Kat bar) to the envelope of the invitation as a yummy party preview. (Unless you’re mailing it, then you’ll probably want to pass on this.)

Depending on your child’s age, you can easily adapt any number of party games to the chocolate theme. A few ideas are:

  • Play Pin the Ears on the Chocolate Bunny, with the winner receiving a chocolate prize – like a couple of Chocolate Pizza Company’s Chocolate-Dipped Cookies or a Caramel S’more.
  • Do a beanbag toss with the players tossing toy chocolate cookies (e.g. Oreos or other kinds of chocolate sandwich cookies) through different-sized holes in a poster board. Draw funny-looking lips around the holes to make each one look like a wacky mouth. Reward the high-scorers with one of our Mini Chocolate Pizzas or Caramel Nut Drumsticks.
  • Create a fun treasure hunt, leaving clues to lead groups of children to the final treasure – say, a few delicious S’more Treats. You can even make a special one for the birthday kid to find their very own Happy Birthday Chocolate Tote.

  • See how many words kids can make using the letters in C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E. The child who makes the most words wins a prize.
  • Melt some chocolate and have the kids pick from a few items (e.g. strawberries, chunks of pineapple, vanilla wafers or small squares of unfrosted sponge cake) and dip them into the chocolate for their own special treat. For even more fun, have multicolored sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and other small candies on hand for extra decorating.

Decorations & Party Favors:
As far as chocolate party decoration ideas, we suggest you stick with a two-color combination of “chocolate” brown and brighter colors like red, orange or green. Hang streamers and balloons in these colors, and use matching, solid-color tablecloths, paper plates, plastic cups and utensils. For the magical finishing touch, sprinkle some shiny, rainbow sequins on the tabletop, along with small chocolate candies like M&M’s and Hershey’s Kisses (keeping in mind the age of the kids going to the party).

What could make a better party favor than one of our Moompas, Chocolate Pizza Company’s wacky little chocolate friends? Made from cream-filled, golden sponge cake, they’re coated with chocolate and individually decorated with a kooky face and wild frosting “hair.” If you want, get some paper favor boxes that match the color scheme, and add some additional small toys or puzzles.

Because we’ve heard crazy rumors that there are other types of food besides chocolate, our final parent-approved advice is that if you’re serving a lunch, include some red and green fruits and vegetables. Balance is everything – like balancing a Candy Avalanche Pizza Pie on the tip of one finger. Sort of.

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