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Easter is a holiday that kids really look forward to. It’s second only to Christmas because of all the excitement as kids wonder what they’re going to find in their Easter baskets. From toys and candy to books and other gifts, what you place in your kids’ Easter basket can keep children guessing.

If you’re looking for something unique and indulgent this year, you’ll want to check out what the Chocolate Pizza Company has to offer that goes above and beyond the usual Easter candies.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Whether you’re hoping to go big or small, we have the chocolate goodies you need to make your kids light up when they see what’s in their baskets on Easter morning. Here are some Easter basket ideas for kids that they’ll love!

Personalized Chocolate Pizza

What could be more fun than having your kids wake up to find an Easter Egg with their name on it? It’s a great way to make them feel loved and special. You can also choose milk or dark chocolate and each personalized Easter Egg is done by hand so each child has a unique design.

Should you be looking for a way so that the entire family can indulge in the silky-smooth dessert pizza delight, then order a “Happy Easter!” Chocolate Pizza. Your kids will still be excited about the gift, and this will give them more incentive to share.

Chocolate Pizza Slices

If your kids have different tastes, or you want to give them a variety of Chocolate Pizza options, then consider filling their Easter baskets with Chocolate Pizza slices. There are so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that your kids will love.

3 chocolate pizza slices with pastel candies in a white basket on a table

For those with an insatiable sweet tooth, get them the Candy Avalanche Chocolate Slice. For older kids with more sophisticated tastes (or for adults who are kids are heart), get them the Drumstick Slice. This comes with caramel, nuts, pretzels and sea salt on a milk or dark chocolate crust, and it makes the perfect sweet and savory treat for the Easter holiday!

For kids that have special dietary needs, they can still indulge in Chocolate Pizza with our Sugar-Free Chocolate Pizza Slice. Whether you get milk or dark chocolate, your child will love this tasty treat and you won’t have to feel guilty about giving it to them.


Should you happen to be looking for a delicious chocolatey treat that is also adorable, then you’ll want to fill your kids’ Easter basket with Moompas. These are golden sponge cakes filled with cream that have been covered in milk chocolate. They are then hand decorated with smiling faces and other candies that represent your child’s favorite sport or hobby.

This is one special gift, as no two Moompas are the same. Your child will delight in the funny faces before them and enjoy the chocolatey, cakey goodness of these tasty treats.

Something for Everyone

Watching your children’s faces light up on Easter when they see what’s in their basket is so much fun. At Chocolate Pizza Company, we have a wide range of delicious and indulgent treats that are sure to make your Easter memorable. Find the perfect products today!