Let’s be honest, gift baskets for men are not always easy to pull off. In fact, sometimes, finding the right gift baskets for men is nearly impossible. You know he loves chocolate, especially really good chocolate, but he’s not into that soft, pretty presentation with decorative over-wrap and bows that makes a lot of gift baskets stand out. He’s a tough guy to shop for because he’s a rugged man, kind of a cowboy-type, no manicures for those hands and definitely no gift baskets for men that look like they came out of a spa. So how do you give your favorite guy the chocolate gift basket he wants without his buddies ribbing him about how pretty it looks?

Chocolate Pizza Company has the answer, red plaid. Yep, just like his favorite weekend work shirt, there’s nothing foo-foo about red plaid. As a style, red plaid is immortal. Criss-crossed tartan patterns appeared in 17th century Scotland when rebels in the Scottish Highlands used it to identify various clans. Hey, there’s nothing manlier than clans of Scottish rebels. In the 1850’s, American company, Woolrich Woolen Mills, put the now iconic red and black checked pattern firmly into a man’s rugged outdoor life when it introduced the original Buffalo plaid. The work shirt soon became a staple among cowboys, farmers and especially, lumberjacks. That association with loggers was cemented in 1914 when the red and black plaid work shirt was worn by folklore hero and lumberjack, Paul Bunyan, in a series of ads for the Red River Lumber Company. It’s been the rugged man’s go-to color ever since.

paul bunyan lumberjack lumberjack paul bunyan

Which is why, as gift baskets for men go, there is nothing more tough, manly or practical than red plaid. For a man, it doesn’t matter the season or the occasion, red plaid goes with everything. That’s why Chocolate Pizza Company made gift baskets for men in Paul Bunyan’s favorite look.

Check out the Lumberjack gift basket. The familiar red and black plaid design holds a ton of guy-friendly chocolate munchies – milk chocolate favorites that are right at home sitting in the recliner watching the game. The lucky guy who gets the Lumberjack gift basket will find our famous Peanut Butter Wings (the large 16 oz. size, of course), a Candy Avalanche Chocolate Pizza Slice (at 9 oz. it’s our biggest Slice), a 6-oz. box of chocolate covered pretzels, a Peanut Butter Sparkler and 6 chocolate covered cookies (1 or 2 cookies just wouldn’t do it). Wow! Now that is a collection of chocolates he will love. The Lumberjack comes wrapped in plain, clear cellophane (no fancy prints, flowers or leaves) that holds all that good chocolate in place and a simple black-tie (no fluffy satin bows or cute curly ribbon) seals it up.

lumberjack gift basket  gift baskets for men lumberjack

Next in the line-up of gift baskets for men is an even more casual choice – the Lunch Bucket. It’s a cool red plaid design in a handled tote box filled with a twist on every guy’s favorite foods – pizza and wings. The twist is it’s our famous Chocolate Pizza Slice and Peanut Butter Wings. The Chocolate Pizza Slice is 6-oz of rich milk chocolate mixed with homemade English toffee and topped with peanut butter cups and peanut butter candy. Pair that with an 8-oz box of Peanut Butter Wings – crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in milk chocolate. The Lunch Bucket also comes with a Peanut Butter Sparkler which is an 8-inch salted pretzel rod covered in peanut butter, dipped in chocolate with a splash of peanut butter chips and candy. Finally, this box of sweet treats two throwbacks to his childhood with a chocolate covered rice crispy square and a Moompa – it’s a chocolate covered cream-filled golden sponge cake (yeah, the one his mom used to put in his lunch box as a kid). The Lunch Bucket is perfect for the guy who won’t tell you they want chocolate but can’t stop thanking you when it arrives!

lunch bucket lunch bucket gift basket for men