Good Fathers Day gifts are ones that dad remembers and appreciates. Good Fathers Day gifts are ones that surprise dad with something he would not usually splurge on himself but that he would love to have. They are gifts that he rarely has the opportunity to enjoy or gifts that take him back in time. There is one gift that meets all those criteria – chocolate.

Chocolate is the treat that takes dad back in time to those days as a boy when his eyes lit up at the sight of a good bite of chocolate. Good Fathers Day gifts understand that connection and share it. Chocolate delivers universal appeal. It is always good and always brings a smile. Dad may not buy it as often now as he once did but that isn’t because he loves it less. Surprising dad with chocolate on Father’s Day is a good way to remind him that you “get” him.

Chocolate Pizza Company has been making dads happy for nearly 30 years with good Fathers day gifts he wants. This year, the company introduced its Peanut Butter Gold Rush Chocolate Pizza that has dad’s 2 favorite sweets – Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings – together in one awesome treat. We’re talking milk chocolate blended with homemade toffee with a border of our famous Peanut Butter Wings. Those crisp, rippled potato chips are covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in milk chocolate for a salty-sweet bite that leaves people speechless. Inside that border of Wings, chocolatiers hand-script your choice of Father’s Day wishes in white chocolate and finish it with a splash of gold sugar crystals. It’s that reminder that your dad is pure gold – a treasure that deserves a gift as sweet as he is.

good fathers day gifts

The whole thing is sealed in cellophane and served in a custom pizza box for the total package. Imagine dad’s face when he opens that box to see over a pound and a half of the best tasting chocolate he’s ever had in the most creative design he’s ever seen. The laughs, the anticipation, the warmth of a moment made perfect. When you go looking for good Fathers Day gifts this year, skip the power tools, the paisley ties, the unremarkable gift cards, the tired t-shirts and take dad back to the days he would sit down with a bite of chocolate and forget about the world for a few minutes. Send dad a Peanut Butter Gold Rush Chocolate Pizza for Father’s Day and celebrate the hero that he is.