Ready to make this summer one to remember? There are so many fun events and celebrations to look forward to during this warm and wonderful season. But for all those events, you’ll need a special dessert to make the occasion. Rather than spending hours making cakes or spending too much money at the bakery, try a sweet twist on the classic dessert with Chocolate Pizzas from Chocolate Pizza Company. Learn more about these delicious treats and discover how they can make your summer even sweeter.

The Original Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza Company specializes in making Chocolate Pizzas, which is like no other sweet treat you’ve had before. The highest-quality Swiss-style chocolate is blended with homemade English toffee to create a tasty masterpiece. These unique pizza pies are available in your choice of gourmet milk or dark chocolate, so you’ll get a dessert that’s made to your tastes. That rich, decadent chocolate and toffee combination is poured into an actual pizza pan. Then, the toppings are added. Depending on the design you select, your Chocolate Pizza may be adorned with colorful chocolate candies, fun sugar confetti, peanut butter cups or white chocolate swirls. These delicious, decorative toppings serve as the perfect accents for your sweet summer celebration.

Desserts for Summer Celebrations

Now that your mouth is watering just thinking about our Chocolate Pizzas, it’s time to find the right design for all your favorite summer events. For graduations, you can get a Congratulations Seniors Chocolate Pizza customized in the graduate’s school colors. When Father’s Day rolls around, be sure there’s a Chocolate Pizza that says Best Dad Ever ready to go so he can celebrate in style. If that’s not his style, you can check out the complete collection of unique Father’s Day Chocolate Pizzas available from Chocolate Pizza Company.

We even have patriotic Chocolate Pizzas for your annual Fourth of July party. All decked in red, white and blue toppings, it’s the perfect dessert for an Independence Day gathering. Because all of our chocolate is actually made in the U.S., it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the American spirit on this important national holiday.

Are there any other special events on your calendar this summer? A Chocolate Pizza is the perfect way to celebrate. Swap out the run-of-the-mill birthday cake for something special by choosing a Custom Happy Birthday Chocolate Pizza with a personalized name scripted in creamy white chocolate. If you know someone celebrating an engagement, wedding, baby shower or other important milestone, you can’t go wrong with a colorful Congratulations Chocolate Pizza featuring our classic Candy Avalanche border.

Gourmet Chocolate Everyone Will Love

One of the greatest things about chocolate is that it is so universally loved. Finding desserts that please everyone can be difficult, but our Chocolate Pizzas are sure to bring everyone together. There’s something so special about sharing this kind of fun and unique treat with your loved ones. Make this year’s summer celebrations even sweeter by choosing from our delicious Chocolate Pizzas at Chocolate Pizza Company.