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Chocolate Pizza - Candy

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Searching for chocolate that looks like pizza to buy for your next special occasion? You’ve come to the right place! Chocolate Pizza Company specializes in delicious, colorful gourmet Chocolate Pizzas that are topped with the candy of your choice to add a delightful touch to your next birthday party, game night or gathering of any kind.

We start with homemade gourmet milk or dark chocolate that is blended with English toffee we make in-house from a local recipe that dates back over 100 years. Our Chocolate Pizza base has a rich, velvety texture that is perfect for topping with colorful hard-shell chocolate or peanut butter gems for a unique sweet treat.

Choose from our tasty and whimsical options or customize your chocolate creation with a colorful border of candy you select and a personal message for your loved one. We’ll hand write your words in white chocolate for a unique touch that will be the hit of the party.

Our pizzas stay fresh and perfect in sealed cellophane inside a custom pizza box designed specifically to keep it from cracking in transit, and we use frozen gel packs to prevent melting. You can rest assured that your unique chocolate gift will arrive ready to be devoured, whether you bring it yourself or trust us to deliver it for you.

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