Fun Favorites

Snack chocolate is fun from the start! But don’t let the small size fool you – these are made with the same gourmet chocolate as our signature Chocolate Pizza and that’s what makes them so darn delicious. We use quality ingredients, add a bunch of creativity and presto – snack chocolate favorites! All of these bite-sized treats are big on taste. The Caramel & Nut Drumstick has been a top-seller for years – 4 inch salted pretzel rod dipped in caramel, rolled in nuts and drenched in chocolate. Moompas are a Chocolate Pizza Company exclusive. It’s the golden cream-filled sponge cake you grew up on covered in milk chocolate and hand-decorated to give each one a unique personality. Or choose our chocolate covered cookies. America’s favorite creme-filled cookie is dipped in chocolate for an even more delicious bite. There are no wrong choices in this selection – every snack chocolate treat is a winner. Enjoy!

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