Special Flavors

If art was edible, it would look like these handmade Chocolate Pizzas. We have taken special flavors like Irish cream, hazelnut, and creme de menthe and blended them with our gourmet chocolate and then finished them with hand-swirled artistry that creates an elegant chocolate gift. It’s like moonlight and a long walk; sunrise and the sea shore; a hammock and a cold lemonade – some things just go well together. The good news for chocolate lovers is that we have found some incredible flavor pairings that take our Chocolate Pizza to new heights. These are far from oridinary. Our selection of special flavors for Chocolate Pizza lets you enjoy some popular taste combinations – some have no English toffee, others are plain – just pure, smooth chocolate and rich, wonderful flavors. Swirls of white or green colored chocolate complete the artistry and make for a memorable gift that looks more like an edible work of art. Note: regular size Chocolate Pizza is about 10″ in diameter, large size is about 12″ in diameter.

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