Blizzard Chocolate Gift Basket | holiday gift basket ideas that impress


  • Beautifully over-wrapped with bow this is a very impressive gift
  • Large Peanut Butter Wings, Snowflake Chocolate Pizza slice
  • Chocolate covered potato chips, Chocolate covered pretzels
  • S’more treat, Snowbuddies, Caramel & Nut Drumstick
  • Peanut Butter Sparkler, Chocolate covered rice crispy square
  • Chocolate covered graham crackers, 2 cookies, Nut Cluster


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Is the weather outside frightful? It won’t matter at all, since everyone will want to stay inside once the amazing Chocolate Blizzard arrives! Our exquisite gourmet chocolate gift baskets leave all other holiday gift baskets in the dust. In the realm of chocolate gift ideas, the Blizzard is a superstar. The Chocolate Blizzard is both impressive and delicious, and it’s a dazzling assortment of chocolate delights that’s perfect for a holiday gathering or as a very special Christmas gift.

The Chocolate Blizzard is well named, as it includes a large (16 ounce) package of our famous Peanut Butter Wings, chocolate-covered potato chips (6 ounce), chocolate-covered pretzels (6 ounce), a Snowflake Chocolate Pizza slice (6 ounce), S’more treat, Snowbuddies, caramel and nut drumstick, 4 chocolate-covered graham crackers, pecan/cashew cluster, chocolate-covered rice crispy square and 2 chocolate-covered cream-filled cookies. Wow! That’s a serious storm of finely crafted, Swiss-style chocolate that everyone can savor and enjoy. It’s beautifully presented in an elegant basket with seasonal over-wrap and bow.

If you’ve had a tough time finding unique holiday chocolate gift ideas, the Chocolate Blizzard is the Christmas gift of your dreams! It’s perfect as highly impressive corporate gifts for business clients, staff, VIPs or important vendors. Of course, it’s also wonderful to have on hand for family and friends during the holiday season. Immerse yourself in the best gourmet chocolate and ‘Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!’