Feel Better by the Bite | get well soon tote


  • Get Well Wishes with a sweet vibe. Feeling Better by the Bite!
  • Colorful handled tote holds Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz)
  • Moompa (chocolate covered, decorated Twinkie)
  • 2 chocolate covered cookies, Chocolate Pizza Slice
  • Write a gift note at checkout.



Get well wishes have never tasted so good as when you send a Chocolate Pizza gift box. This cheerful handled box comes filled with all the sweet treats to make anyone feel better instantly. Inside you’ll find our famous Chocolate Pizza Slice, our one-of-a-kind Peanut Butter Wings, a cute Moompa (cream-filled sponge cake covered in chocolate) and two delicious chocolate-covered sandwich cookies. You can also add a note putting your uplifting thoughts into words. Send a Chocolate Pizza gift that will definitely have someone special “Feeling Better by the Bite”!

We all feel better when someone takes the time to wish us well. It’s human nature. A kind word, a surprise gift, a quick visit or a call all help us to feel better and recover easier. The reason is simple: a positive mindset translates to a more receptive healing process. The nice gesture of helping someone feel better lifts their spirits, increases optimism and relaxes their mind, all of which aids in recovery. But here’s another secret – it helps the giver feel better too. That positive energy flows both ways. In the act of giving, we also receive.

So whether you want to send someone you know a very special Get Well Soon surprise or you want to thank the wonderful medical staff that made a difference for someone you love, Chocolate Pizza Company understands that this just isn’t any old gift occasion. This is special. This is important. This is personal – and the people you trust with this task should grasp the full range of emotion that goes into this specific choice. On a lot of levels, this gift matters.

The good news is we get it. You can relax and know that we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure our chocolate specialties communicate your good intentions. Our Feel Better By the Bite gift tote has the trademarked Chocolate Pizza treats they’ll love and can be shipped anywhere someone needs a pick-me-up.

Chocolate Pizza Company has been America’s gold standard of Chocolate Pizza for more than three decades. Our handcrafted treats have been featured on Food Network, Food Network Canada, NBC’s Today Show, ABC News and other major media outlets. A talented team of chocolatiers creates this unique confection by blending the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate with homemade English toffee and then hand-decorating each one so every Chocolate Pizza is all its own creation.

Each Chocolate Pizza is presented in an actual pizza box. The box offers a viewing wedge on the top that gives a hint of the special treat locked inside. The specially designed box holds the Chocolate Pizza firmly from the corners while letting it ride on a cushion of foam. This design allows us to ship our Chocolate Pizzas nationwide, and indeed worldwide, by virtually eliminating breakage in transit. Once your Chocolate Pizza arrives, store it out of direct sunlight and in a cool, room temperature location – no need to refrigerate or freeze it. Our Chocolate Pizzas are happiest at temperatures between 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 75 degrees, chocolate melts easily, so avoid over-handling the product or exposing it to a warm environment. When properly stored, your Chocolate Pizza will be fresh for up to nine months.

There may be impostors out there, but Chocolate Pizza Company makes the only trademarked Chocolate Pizza in the U.S. As a family-owned and operated business, we are proud to make a gourmet chocolate gift that is unique, delicious and impressive. Enjoy! Note: Gift basket/box or tote items that are not boxed are individually wrapped in cellophane.

Allergy note: All our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.

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