Holiday Chocolate Pizza Avalanche | season’s best gift idea


Candy Avalanche is an over-the-top creation that will bury your taste buds in all things chocolate. This one is loaded and dressed for the Holidays! Rich milk or dark chocolate blended with our homemade English toffee and topped with a dizzying array of some of America’s favorite chocolate, peanut butter and caramel candies. White chocolate drizzle caps off this “supreme” Chocolate Pizza. Colorful, crazy and down right delicious, the regular size is a whopping 27 oz while the extreme size comes in at 45 oz. Bring down the house with this one! Candy Avalanche Holiday edition is a gourmet chocolate gift no one forgets! Sealed and served in a genuine pizza box. Don’t forget to add our famous Peanut Butter Wings – crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and dipped in rich milk or dark chocolate. These are simply ridiculously delicious and make the perfect “Pizza & Wings Combo”. Enjoy!


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Don’t just give out ordinary gift baskets this year. If you’re looking for a festive chocolate treat that’s all dressed up for the holiday season, look no further! Our Holiday Chocolate Pizza Avalanche is as amazing as it sounds. This over-the-top chocolate creation will bring great joy to your taste buds as you luxuriate in an ocean of chocolate this Christmas.

Rich milk or dark Swiss-style chocolate is artfully blended with our homemade English toffee and topped off with a dazzling array of some of America’s favorite chocolate, caramel and peanut butter candies. White chocolate is drizzled over the top to create a stunning masterpiece. Our festive Chocolate Pizza Avalanche is crazy and colorful, decadent and delicious. The regular size is 27 ounces while the extreme size is an incredible 45 ounces.

Whether you’re entertaining at home or visiting, you’ll bring the house down with this Chocolate Pizza Avalanche. It’s a holiday gift that everyone will greatly appreciate, and they’ll remember it for a long time. It’s sealed and served in a custom pizza box and is “gift ready.”

Take it to the next level by adding our popular Peanut Butter Wings. They’re crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and rich milk or dark chocolate. With our Chocolate Pizza, you’ll have a “Pizza & Wings Combo” that’s sure to be a Christmas delight.

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Chocolate Pizza Size

Regular (29oz), Large (45oz) (+$14.00)

Chocolate Flavor

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Make It A Combo Add Peanut Butter Wings (Optional):

No Thanks, Regular (8oz) Milk Chocolate +$10.95, Large (16oz) Milk Chocolate +$18.95

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