Holiday Survival Kit | chocolate emergency essentials


Preparing for the holidays is exhausting. There is so much to do and so little time to get it all accomplished. Decorating, baking, wrapping, entertaining, shopping and every other “-ing” you can think of is enough to leave any elf wiped out. But don’t despair, we have an excellent solution. Introducing, the Holiday Survival Kit – a collection of chocolate emergency essentials that will transform your preparation challenges into chocolate bliss. This is simple, really, just a few critical gourmet chocolate specialties carefully selected to help you through your toughest holiday prep. You’ll want to keep more than one Holiday Survival Kit on-hand to share with family, friends and colleagues who may need to be revived with chocolate therapy. Send this clever little holiday gift to everyone on your shopping list and presto – your shopping stress just melted away. They’ll love the gift and you’ll leave the easy way you breezed through the holiday chaos. Inside the Holiday Survival Kit you will find milk chocolate Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz), Chocolate Pizza Slice (6 oz), Caramel & Nut Drumstick, 2 chocolate covered cookies, 2 mini Chocolate Pizzas and a chocolate covered rice crispy square. Everything comes packed in a festive, handled tote. Brilliant.

Items of equal or greater value may be substituted as needed. Box/wrapping styles vary.


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Holiday times are coming. Got stress? Preparing for the holidays really can be stressful and exhausting, from shopping and wrapping to decorating, baking and entertaining. But we have the perfect solution – gourmet chocolate. Do we have your attention? We proudly introduce our Holiday Survival Kit! This handcrafted holiday chocolate set is a collection of our favorite chocolate emergency essentials designed to transform a difficult and challenging situation into chocolate bliss. It’s the perfect Christmas treat for a hard-working elf.

These carefully selected gourmet chocolate specialties will help you bravely weather the holiday storm. and you may wish to pick up another chocolate lovers’ holiday essentials emergency kit (or two or three) to share with friends, family or colleagues. They make wonderful gifts for those who need to be revived with some serious chocolate therapy. In fact, chocolate for Christmas gifts are perfect for anyone who appreciates fine chocolate – and who doesn’t?

Inside the festive, handy tote, you’ll discover our world-famous milk chocolate Peanut Butter Wings (8 ounces), a Chocolate Pizza slice (6 ounces), 2 mini Chocolate Pizzas, 2 chocolate covered cookies, a caramel and nut drumstick and a chocolate covered rice crispy square. Find your peace immersed in chocolate bliss this Christmas.