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Irish Cream Chocolate Pizza | hints of coffee & almond flavor


  • Handcrafted, Chocolate Pizza in gourmet milk chocolate
  • Irish Cream flavor with wonderful hints of almond & coffee
  • Swirls of shamrock green create a unique design
  • Served in a custom pizza box (16 oz.)


Treat everyone to a slice of heavenly sweetness on St. Patrick’s Day or another special occasion with an Irish Cream Chocolate Pizza. This is one of our smoothest-tasting Chocolate Pizzas that’s made with rich gourmet milk or dark chocolate. We blend it with a distinctively comforting splash of Irish Cream flavor that has hints of coffee, almond and vanilla. Don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic so the kids can enjoy it too! Hand-swirled wisps of green chocolate create a beautiful presentation that is unique to each Irish Cream Chocolate Pizza.

Our trademarked Chocolate Pizza is the perfect party delight or gift to special family and friends. The Irish Cream pizza provides smooth Swiss-style chocolate goodness every March 17. It’s sealed in clear cellophane and served in a custom pizza box with viewing windows to get a peek inside. Add our famous Peanut Butter Wings – crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and dipped in rich chocolate – for a pizza and wings combo. We can even add a decorative bow to make your St. Patty’s Day extra memorable when you get the good stuff with this Irish Chocolate Pizza.

More than 30 years ago, Chocolate Pizza Company started in the quiet Upstate New York town of Marcellus. Over the decades, it has grown into America’s gold standard of Chocolate Pizza. The company and its line-up of more than 100 gourmet chocolate specialties have been featured on Food Network, Food Network Canada, NBC’s Today Show, ABC News and other major media outlets. We have one of the best teams of chocolatiers who create this one-of-a-kind confection by blending the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate with homemade English toffee. Real people make every handcrafted Chocolate Pizza which means you get a unique gift every time.

We start by tempering the chocolate with a process that raises and lowers the temperature in very precise ways to change the physical properties within the chocolate. Done correctly, tempering gives the chocolate its strength, shine and a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth feel.

The English toffee recipe we use comes from our hometown of Marcellus, New York and dates back to 1919. To ensure we have the best-tasting toffee, we make it ourselves in small batches. The toffee adds both taste and crunch to our Chocolate Pizza. While a few of our Chocolate Pizzas come without the toffee – like this Irish Cream Chocolate Pizza – it remains a popular signature ingredient to most of our line-up. An added plus is the incredible aroma that drifts through our facility with every batch of toffee. Simply divine!

The toffee bubbles away until it hits just the right temperature and then cools on baking sheets before being ground fine and stirred into our melted chocolate. Once blended, we scoop it into pizza pans and add a dizzying array of toppings including candies or nuts.

For customers who want to personalize a Chocolate Pizzas for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or special occasions, our chocolatiers create hand-decorated masterpieces. We use white chocolate to script a name, greeting or design by hand. It’s an amazing talent to watch that gives a Chocolate Pizza that personal touch. You know when you open a custom Chocolate Pizza that it was made just for you.

Pizza is served in a box – and we have a cool one. Our pizza box has viewing windows in the top that let you see the delicious treat within. Inside, the box holds the Chocolate Pizza snug and rests it on a cushion that protects it during shipment. Chocolate lovers on six continents have ordered our chocolate specialties and we ship anywhere. Once your Chocolate Pizza arrives, store it out of direct sunlight and in a cool, room temperature location between 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated or frozen and will stay fresh for up to nine months at room temperature. Remember, chocolate melts quickly above 75 degrees, so avoid over-handling the product or exposing it to direct sunlight or a warm environment.

There are always people who want to copy our Chocolate Pizza – but we are the only trademarked Chocolate Pizza in the U.S. for a reason. We’re a family-owned small business that is proud to make some of the best tasting chocolate right here in America. For gifts that are unique, delicious and impressive, your search is over. Welcome to Chocolate Pizza Company.

Allergy note: All of our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.

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