Slice | plain chocolate blended with English toffee


  • Simplicity done right. Not fancy, just amazing.
  • Gourmet milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee
  • Finished with white chocolate drizzle. Sealed in cellophane.
  • Premium gift box available.
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Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that mean the most. When it comes to Chocolate Pizza, you don’t always need more. All you might need is to indulge in rich, elegant chocolate. That’s when getting a Plain Chocolate Slice can bring the most happiness.

Eating a Plain Chocolate Slice does not mean you’ll be consuming boring chocolate. Our Plain Chocolate Slice blends gourmet milk or dark chocolate with homemade English toffee before being finished with a drizzle of white chocolate. One of the original Chocolate Pizza flavors, the Plain Chocolate Slice is simple but exceptional. It’s available in clear cellophane or you can upgrade to a premium gift box.

If you decide you want to add some other flavors and excitement to your Plain Chocolate Slice, you always have the option of adding our one-of-a-kind Peanut Butter Wings to your order. This will give you the flavor explosion your taste buds are craving.

Buy from the Best

At the Chocolate Pizza Company, we are the only ones who make trademarked Chocolate Pizza in America. We are proud to be family-owned and operated and to make a gourmet chocolate gift that is unique, delicious and impressive.

If you’re wondering what sets us apart, it’s how we prepare our chocolate. We start by carefully tempering the chocolate. This is a very precise process that requires manipulating the temperature of melted chocolate to give it strength, shine and a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth feel. All gourmet chocolate is tempered. This is what distinguishes it from ordinary compound chocolate found in most mass-produced chocolate candy. Trust us: you’ll be able to tell the difference in quality with every bite.

Our chocolate is amazing, but we don’t stop there. We add a toffee that sets our Chocolate Pizzas apart. We make our English toffee in-house in small batches. This ensures that it is fresh and at peak flavor when blended with our chocolate. The recipe we use dates back to the early 1900s and adds both texture and taste to our Chocolate Pizza. While we make some Chocolate Pizzas without the toffee, it is a signature component in the majority of our famous confections.

We are proud of the products we offer, but others have also become aware of our excellence. We have been featured on Food Network, Food Network Canada, NBC’s Today Show, ABC News and other major media. For almost three decades, we have been America’s gold standard of Chocolate Pizza.

Delivered in Style

After taking the time to carefully and lovingly craft our Chocolate Pizzas and Slices, they are placed in a pizza box with a viewing wedge on the top. This specially designed box prevents the pizza or slice from breaking in transit. It allows us to ship our gourmet products to people worldwide.

Once you receive your Chocolate Pizza, it’s recommended that you keep it out of direct sunlight and store it in a cool, room temperature location. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated or frozen. Our Chocolate Pizzas are happiest at temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees (F). If stored properly, your Chocolate Pizza or Slice can remain fresh for up to nine months – but we highly doubt you’ll be able to stay away from it for that long.

Allergy note: All of our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.

Additional information

Chocolate Flavor

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Add Peanut Butter Wings

Large (16 oz.) Dark Chocolate (+$20.95), Large (16 oz.) Milk Chocolate (+$20.95), Regular (8 oz.) Dark Chocolate (+$11.95), Regular (8 oz.) Milk Chocolate (+$11.95), No Thanks

Add a Gift Box

Yes, please add a Slice Gift Box (+$2.00), No, please send Slice in cellophane

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