Snowflake Holiday Gift Basket | gourmet chocolate


  • Beautifully over-wrapped with bow. Popular gift for office or family.
  • Peanut Butter Wings, Snowflake Chocolate Pizza slice, Drumstick
  • Chocolate covered potato chips (6 oz), S’more Treat, 2 cookies
  • Peanut Butter Sparkler, Chocolate covered rice crispy square


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Are you looking for a unique holiday gift basket that will delight and amaze your family and friends this Christmas? Our Snowflake Chocolate Holiday Gift Basket is overflowing with Peanut Butter Wings, Snowflake Chocolate Pizza Slice, Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, Dark Chocolate Caramel Nut Drumstick, Holiday Peanut Butter Sparkler, S’more Treat, rice crispy square and two chocolate covered cream-filled cookies.

In addition to being amazingly delicious, our chocolate snowflake gift basket is beautifully presented in a seasonal basket with over-wrap and bow. Chocolate Pizza gourmet chocolate holiday gift baskets will impress anyone who receives them.

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift basket for a family member, work associate or friend can be challenging and time consuming – until you discover our Snowflake Holiday Gift Basket. It’s the ideal “sampler” of all our luxurious treats and is guaranteed to satisfy. Our gourmet chocolate favorites are attractively nestled into the basket, silently beckoning all chocolate lovers.

These chocolate gifts, made from the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate, are in a different galaxy from the usual mass-produced chocolates you find in most holiday gift baskets. It’s the delicately crafted Swiss-style chocolate that really makes the difference.

We at Chocolate Pizza would know, as we’ve been creating gourmet handcrafted chocolate gifts for more than 25 years. Our signature product, Chocolate Pizza, is decadently rich milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee.