Thank You Chocolates | gourmet chocolate box


This “Thank You” comes in a handy, colorful tote and is filled with just enough delicious gourmet chocolate treats to leave the right impression. We include our famous Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz), Caramel & Nut Drumstick, 2 mini Chocolate Pizzas, a S’more Treat and a chocolate covered creme-filled cookie all in a handled tote box. Express your appreciation in the sweetest way possible.


Leave blank if no gift note required.


Research may not yet have proven officially that thank you chocolates are people’s secret preference but we think so. There are a million ways to show gratitude but none of them taste as sweet as you thank you chocolates in a handled tote box. Hands-down, this is the chocolate box of goodies that anyone would love to be on the receiving end of. We’re talking best chocolate ever all in one place – and it comes with a handle – how cool is that! So when it’s time to communicate your gratitude, the Thank You Chocolates tote box hits all the right notes.

Chocolate Pizza Company handcrafts unique, delicious, and impressive chocolate specialties that make gifts for every occasion. Variety is at the heart of a gift basket – a chance for the lucky recipient to peruse the many offerings and select just the right one for the moment. Gift baskets are one of the most popular gift choices for any occasion because the presentation is beautiful and the contents are easily shared. What could be more fun than a chocolate treasure hunt when you have all the goodies right there in front of you. Chocolate Pizza Company is known for creating impressive gift baskets filled with unique chocolate specialties for business or personal occasions. For a less expensive and fun alternative, choose a handled tote box that still delivers plenty of gourmet chocolate sweets. The easy carry container is cheerful and convenient and adds an element of surprise about the sweets inside. Of course, Chocolate Towers are as impressive as they are generous in content. These soaring stacks of sweets grab attention the moment they arrive and deliver a bounty that is easily shared. Every choice is a great choice when you bring together so many of Chocolate Pizza Company’s best tasting confections. Whatever you choose, you know they’re going to love it!