Business gifts during the holidays are a tradition for many organizations. They are a way to thank employees, acknowledge key customers or strengthen vendor ties. But the range of gift options is staggering. How do you choose business gifts that will impress?

Of course, one obvious answer is satisfying their sweet-tooth. People love a sweet treat, especially during the holidays. Not surprisingly, gourmet chocolate tops the list of those favored confections. Here are 3 gourmet chocolate choices that will impress (and delight) everyone who receives them.

Gourmet Chocolate in a Pizza Box

Without a doubt, the more unique the gift, the more memorable. And what could be more unique than gourmet chocolate served in a pizza box. Unquestionably, Chocolate Pizza Company is the gold standard for creating this singularly unique sweet. Company owner, Ryan Novak, has had his company featured on national media. The 29-year-old entrepreneur has made TV appearances on Food Network, Hallmark Channel, CNBC and more. Forbes and People magazines have interviewed him.

The attention is for good reason. Chocolate Pizza starts by tempering the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate. It is a process that adds strength, shine and velvety mouth-feel to the chocolate. But there’s more. Ryan makes homemade English toffee from a local recipe that dates to 1919. The toffee is ground fine and blended with the chocolate to become the pizza “crust.”

This signature mixture is poured into pizza pans where it’s ready for the chocolatiers. These talented artisans’ hand-decorate every Chocolate Pizza. It could be topped with nuts or candies but custom work is their specialty. Holiday greetings or company-specific messages are hand-scripted in white chocolate to give each Chocolate Pizza a personal touch. Served in a custom pizza box it is something special to open.

happy holidays chocolate pizza avalanche border

Just Add Wings

As if handcrafted Chocolate Pizza was not enough, Chocolate Pizza Company takes business gifts to another level. They add wings. Peanut Butter Wings to be exact. “Pizza & Wings” is a universally recognized food pairing. But this is a brand-new twist on that classic concept.

Peanut Butter Wings are crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in rich milk or dark chocolate. Drop the mic. Walk away.

Glitter magazine tasted Peanut Butter Wings recently and proclaimed, “You have not lived until you’ve tried these.” Yahoo News reported that, “We demand these become an international trend.” Yes, they are that good.

But what makes them ready for the business gifts stage is that they come dressed in a festive handled tin with a pine cone design. The reusable container holds 16 oz. of Peanut Butter Wings.

peanut butter wings in holiday tin

Variety is the Spice of Life

There is a reason that gift baskets are a perennial holiday gift-giving favorite for organizations of all sizes. It’s the variety they present. Let’s face it, when a gift is going to a department or office or group of people having something to appeal to everyone’s tastes is important.

Gift baskets are a chocolate treasure hunt. Recipients enjoy sorting through the confectionery options to find the one treat that they just have to try. Chocolate Pizza Company offers a wide assortment of holiday gift baskets. Inside most you will find Peanut Butter Wings, Chocolate Pizza slice, chocolate covered cookies and a caramel and nut Drumstick to name a few.

But gift baskets also come beautifully over-wrapped with a bow. This upscale presentation adds to the gift’s impact. It is the holidays so gifts that come wrapped have a little more appeal. In addition, the eye-catching wrap add that personal feel to the gift basket. Someone took the time to put the basket together.

Christmas gift basket

Businesses want to make a good impression with their holiday gifts. They could just as easily not invest in sending gifts. But the gesture itself has meaning. It reflects their values. It reminds the recipients that they are valued. The message during the holidays is one of good tidings and business gifts are one way organizations embrace that sentiment.

The daily grind of business can be ferocious. The competitive landscape demands total commitment, energy and effort to be successful. There is nothing easy about staying in business. So, pausing one time a year to acknowledge those who help make it happen is a good thing. Choose the right partner to communicate that message for you. Chocolate Pizza Company is that partner – time tested and trusted businesses of all sizes.