Chocolate gift in holiday themed bag

The advent of Christmas – and the holiday season in general – conjures up images of magical reindeer-drawn sleighs plowing through the skies, carolers belting out wintery Christmas tunes, and of course mounds of delectable sweets to gift to your family and friends. And if you haven’t been too naughty this year, to indulge in yourself.

Here at Chocolate Pizza Company, we take pride in our innovative, handmade chocolatey creations. The treats our chocolatiers whip up range from the sweet and savory, like our milk or dark chocolate rippled Peanut Butter Wings (so darn tasty, we had to trademark them) to our chocolate-filled Christmas gift baskets that overflow with an abundance of sugary goodness.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights in our Christmas gift selection to help you churn out some excellent chocolate gift ideas for all of those “good” people in your life and of course, on your holiday shopping list.

Grand Chocolate Gift Ideas Made to Impress

We all know at least one or two helpless chocoholics whose adoration for you will only multiply when you give them one-of-a-kind chocolates and sweets during the holidays, or any another meaningful occasion (birthdays, Mother’s Day and why not Flag Day while we’re at it).

Knock the people you know out of their winter-themed socks with a massive Chocolate Pizza Christmas gift basket. Our Gourmet Holiday Super Combo includes scrumptious crowd-pleasing favorites like our dark and milk chocolate Peanut Butter Wings plus a festive tin, lip-smacking chocolates blended with lovely homemade English toffee, a large Snowflake Chocolate Pizza, plus a regular-sized dark chocolate Happy Holidays Chocolate Pizza for good measure.

Our dedication to holiday gift baskets that highlight the treasure trove of chocolate inside shines through with some of our most festive Christmas bonanzas. The Chocolate Pizza Slices & Treats gift basket is bound to please the ravenous cravings of the chocolate lovers in you know with its wide selection of chocolate-covered treats they can’t stop snacking on.

It starts with a large box of our milk chocolate Peanut Butter Wings and not one but two Chocolate Pizza slices: a Holiday Avalanche Chocolate Pizza plus our best-selling Drumstick Chocolate Pizza slice too. We know they’ll crave more once that’s done, so we put in a Drumstick pretzel stick dipped in creamy caramel, rolled in nuts and dipped in chocolate.

When the next wave of munchies hits, we’ve packed in Raspberry Almond Rush almond bark; chocolate-covered graham crackers, cookies and a rice crispy square; and a Peanut Butter Sparkler pretzel stick treat to fill those holiday bellies.

Creative Gourmet Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones

Our clever chocolate experts know how to weave festive creativity into gourmet Christmas chocolate gift ideas. If you want to impress the folks on your Xmas shopping list with your gift-buying prowess, slip our A Peek at Christmas tote – filled with gourmet chocolate treats, a mini Chocolate Pizza, cookies and more – onto their work desk, under the Yuletide tree or wherever will surprise them the most.

Chocolate treats for Santa

And for diehard chocolate aficionados, we’d like to recommend our Holiday Survival Kit. It comes complete with all of the chocolate emergency essentials they’ll need (including mini Chocolate Pizzas and scrumptious chocolate-covered cookies) to make it through the holidays stress-free with chocolate always on hand.

Chocolaty Christmas Holiday Treats for Adults and Children Alike

For little ones who will be thrilled with smaller packages of confectionary delights, or if you’re on the hunt for some tasty chocolate treats to drop down the Christmas stocking, the snack experts at Chocolate Pizza Company have got your holiday giving needs covered. Our milk or dark chocolate Snowflake Slices of Chocolate Pizza are great gifts for the whole family on their own or in their stocking. Plus, our Snow Buddies Stocking Stuffer in packs with three velvety crème sandwich cookies coated in chocolate and snowy sprinkles inside make for perfect stocking stuffers, as their very “on the nose” names would suggest.

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