It’s officially time for the holidays, and with the hustle and bustle of the season, the dinner party invitations have already started flooding in. Between last-minute gift shopping, wrapping and making time for all your favorite Christmas traditions, will you have time to make fancy Christmas desserts for all your engagements? Let our expert chocolatiers at Chocolate Pizza Company take care all your dessert needs this year.

Christmas Treats for Everyone

When you buy a festive Chocolate Pizza, you’re purchasing a gourmet dessert made by our professional chocolatiers. We start with delectable Swiss-style chocolate and then mix in our homemade English toffee, made in small batches from a recipe that dates back to 1919. These flavors blend to create the unique, velvety mouthfeel of our signature confection.

Shareability and table appeal are the hallmarks of a truly exceptional Christmas dessert. Not only will a Christmas Chocolate Pizza add a festive air to any dessert table, but a generously sized Chocolate Pizza is designed to be cut and split amongst friends and family.

Bring your own unique point of view to the dinner table with a custom message written on a Chocolate Pizza in elegant white chocolate script. Once you’ve chosen the perfect message, you’ll have a choice between milk and dark chocolate as the pizza’s base. Our custom Winter Wishes Chocolate Pizza is wreathed in festive candies and snowflake sprinkles to add a bit of flair to this customized Christmas dinner dessert.

Fancy Christmas Desserts for Elegant Gatherings

Elevate your Christmas dinner dessert table with a magnificent Winter Gift Box. This superb collection of holiday goodies comes with a festive premium gift box, perfect for displaying the sweets within. Inside you’ll find gourmet chocolates like our mini Chocolate Pizzas, chocolate-dipped cookies and more.

Treat chocolate craving symptoms with this Holiday Survival Kit filled with two mini Chocolate Pizzas, two chocolate-covered cookies, one Caramel Nut Drumstick, a box of milk chocolate Peanut Butter Wings and more! Our handcrafted Holiday Survival Kit will help you and your guests take a bite out of stress even during the most hectic of holiday seasons.

Holiday Combo Christmas Treats

Put yourself on the nice list this year when you bring one of our holiday combos to your next Christmas dinner party. Our holiday combos combine the velvety deliciousness of our Chocolate Pizzas with the salty-sweet mix of our Peanut Butter Wings.

Choose your favorite Christmas Chocolate Pizza in dark or milk chocolate, then add your desired amount of Peanut Butter Wings for an unbeatable holiday combo. Our Peanut Butter Wings are uniquely delicious and made from salty ruffled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and dipped into gourmet milk chocolate. Our combos are available in quantities as small or as large as you’d like, perfect for every occasion and budget.

When you order Christmas treats from Chocolate Pizza Company for a dinner party, you’re not only getting a unique chocolate experience; you’re also getting the highest-quality Swiss-style chocolate. Dress the dessert table to impress this year and order holiday treats from Chocolate Pizza Company for one and all.

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