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Thanksgiving is a time of abundance and gratitude. Before we slide into the gift-giving frenzy of December holidays, it’s good to take this moment and recognize all the wonderful people and things that bring joy and light into our lives every day.

While our general idea of Thanksgiving gifts might only include bringing a bottle of wine to family dinner, we thought this was a great time of year to rethink that traditional mindset. For a truly happy Thanksgiving, gifts don’t necessarily have to be off the table! In fact, a Thanksgiving gift basket from Chocolate Pizza Company could be the unexpected hero that adds memorable sweetness to the company of loved ones.

If you’re feeling generous this Thanksgiving, embrace that impulse and keep reading! Here are our top three reasons Thanksgiving gifts get noticed:

They’re Unexpected

One of the reasons many of us consider Thanksgiving our favorite holiday is that there’s not traditionally a gift-giving requirement. The excitement of birthdays and Christmas can end up hinging on “who’s giving what to whom” drama. And as much as we enjoy seeing a loved one’s face light up as they tear off the wrapping paper and discover the treasure inside, it’s nice to experience a holiday that focuses on appreciating what we already have.

That being said, taking a Thanksgiving hostess gift to dinner is a great way to get noticed this year. Show your sister, mother, aunt or friend you truly appreciate all their hard work in the kitchen by sliding a delicious Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Chocolate Pizza onto the dessert table. Or better yet, give them a chocolate gift basket to indulge in after everyone leaves. They’ll be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness.

They’re Unique

We’ve got nothing against pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll or pumpkin cheesecake. In fact, we love the pumpkin-flavored-everything trend! But by Thanksgiving Day, everyone’s ready for something a little different.

Capture their attention with a unique hand-crafted Chocolate Pizza on the dessert table. Our handmade milk and dark chocolates are blended in-house with our own finely ground English toffee for a rich, distinct flavor. Once you add your crew’s favorite chocolate and peanut butter candy toppings, you’ve got a Thanksgiving gift idea like no other.

Pair your unique Chocolate Pizza with a box of our wildly popular Peanut Butter Wings – rippled potato chips slathered in peanut butter and dipped in milk or dark chocolate – and you’ll be the Turkey Day hero!

They’re Delicious

The gourmet chocolate gift baskets and goodies from Chocolate Pizza Company are different from ordinary grocery store chocolates. We start with high-quality Swiss-style chocolate, then blend it with our homemade English toffee for a subtle texture and rich flavor that stands out above the rest. One bite reveals the delicious difference our attention to quality and care delivers.

Whether you’re looking for Thanksgiving gift ideas for teachers, kids or employees, Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas or Thanksgiving baskets to send to loved ones across the country, Chocolate Pizza Company has unexpected, unique and delicious chocolate gifts that will get you noticed this year.

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