You thought you had all the time in the world. Then before you knew it, the occasion that seemed so far off crept right up. Now it’s the last minute, and you don’t have a gift for the birthday party, office event, anniversary or fill-in-the-blank-obligation. No worries!

Chocolate to the Rescue!

Everyone slips up now and then. That’s why Chocolate Pizza Company offers a great selection of affordable gourmet gifts that suit any occasion – and best of all, we deliver them right to your door.

Take a deep, calming breath and read on for 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas from the pros at Chocolate Pizza Company.

1. Make Last-Minute Look Planned.

Even if you forgot someone’s birthday until the last minute, you can make a hurried gift selection seem planned with personalization. A customized Chocolate Pizza that features your personal message hand-scripted in white chocolate looks like a present you thought of well in advance. It shows real thoughtfulness to add the name of the birthday boy, graduating girl or retiring colleague to one of our gourmet chocolate creations – but take an extra moment to make sure you’re spelling it correctly before you place your order.

2. Boost Morale for no Good Reason.

Most employees expect a gift or special treat around the holidays. But the best bosses offer sweet rewards to hard-working colleagues at unexpected times. Corporate gift-giving throughout the year can bolster morale and create a sense of community among coworkers. Have a gourmet Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings Combo delivered to the office for a tasty break from the mundane, and watch colleagues bond over the salty-sweet deliciousness. Or schedule regular deliveries of chocolate gift baskets for the staff at key times, like employee anniversaries or big sale dates.

3. Save Face With Gourmet Chocolate

When you forget your anniversary or your spouse’s birthday, you need a way to save face – fast! Flowers don’t always make the right statement, and jewelry can strain your bank account. But gifts of gourmet chocolate often sweeten the bitterness those little slips can cause. A box of handcrafted goodies, like gourmet chocolate-covered potato chips or Toffee Nut Crunch, feeds their cravings and shows you cared enough to give the good stuff, even if your timing was little off.

4. Impress Without All the Effort.

First impressions are lasting impressions. When you want to start off on the right foot with your future in-laws, prospective clients or new neighbors, a gourmet chocolate gift basket is a great choice. Chocolate Pizza Company offers you several sizes of gift basket chocolates to choose from for birthdays, college kids, dark chocolate lovers and more. Our gift baskets are filled to the brim with gourmet goodies to share that will impress everyone who samples them.

5. Wield Chocolate Superpowers.

Be the hero of any party when you show up with a Chocolate Pizza Candy Avalanche combo with a shareable box of our signature Peanut Butter Wings. These crisp, rippled potato chips that are slathered in peanut butter then dipped into dark or milk chocolate have the superpower of bringing people together. Whether it’s family game night, your monthly book club or a reunion with the college gang, everyone will feel like celebrating with this winning gourmet combination. And you won’t even have to wear a cape.