Tower of Chocolate

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Gift Baskets | Chocolate Towers

A tower of chocolate is an impressive gift idea for a wide range of occasions. As a corporate gift, they deliver an impressive presentation and a generous bounty of gourmet chocolate treats. They make perfect gifts, especially at the holidays, for departments, offices, VIPs, executives, important customers or key vendors. Adding one or two Chocolate Pizzas to the 3-tiers, you create an even more impressive gift that can be enjoyed by a lot more people. The Office line of Towers was designed with just that in mind – plenty of individually wrapped treats that make sharing easy. A Tower of chocolate is also a wonderful gift for the family, friends and colleagues on your list. Beautifully presented, they bring that “wow-factor” that lets someone know this is no ordinary gift. The Party collection of Towers brings a wide variety of gourmet chocolate sweets so there’s something new with every bite. Whatever Tower you choose, this is a gift that you know will be remembered and appreciated.

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