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Combo Chocolate Pizza with Nuts and PB Wings


  • Timeless Classic Chocolate Pizza (16 oz.) & Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz.)
  • Rippled potato chips, creamy peanut butter, gourmet chocolate
  • Chocolate Pizza blends chocolate with homemade English toffee
  • Topped with pecans, almonds, walnuts – Served in a custom pizza box
  • Unique, delicious gift idea. Write a gift note during check-out




This Chocolate Pizza with nuts (pecans, almonds and walnuts) and Peanut Butter Wings Combo brings together two of our original taste masterpieces. Chocolate Pizza is a blend of rich milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee, topped with nuts or candies and served in a custom pizza box. Peanut Butter Wings are crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in our delicious chocolate. Together, the Combo Chocolate Pizza with nuts and Peanut Butter Wings is a one-of-a-kind gourmet chocolate gift for any occasion or holiday. It has been one of the most popular offering sat Chocolate Pizza Company for decades.

Go nuts for this gourmet chocolate and nuts pairing! The perfect choice for anyone on your list who can’t resist the salty-sweet combo of chocolate and nuts, this supremely decadent two-in-one gift showcases all the most enjoyable Chocolate Pizza flavors and pairs them together for an edible gift that delights. Besides choosing a gift tailored to your recipient, we can help you personalize your present to perfection with an included gift note (just let us know what to say in the form at checkout) and a gift bow, if desired. This special gourmet chocolate gift always brings a smile to the face of any celebrant regardless of the occasion!

While the idea of a gourmet chocolate version of Pizza and Wings is unique to Chocolate Pizza Company, the roots of those two concepts stretch back quite far.

The first recorded use of the term “pizza” was in the central Italian region of, Gaeta, in 997 AD. Based on an ancient flatbread it was topped with simple herbs and cheese. Pizza would arrive to the shores of America in the late 19th century with Italian immigrants. The first printed reference to pizza appeared in an article from the Boston Journal in 1904.

“Wings” or “chicken wings” as we commonly know them today were started in Buffalo, New York in 1964 at the Anchor Bar owned by Teressa and Frank Bellissimo. The “wing” portion of the chicken was considered worthless at the time and often discarded or dropped in a pot to make chicken stock. According to the Smithsonian, the generally accepted narrative was that the wings were delivered to the bar one day by mistake and so rather than use them in their spaghetti sauce they created a bar appetizer by splitting them into “drumsticks” and “flats” and coating in a homemade hot sauce of cayenne and butter. The bar snack became an instant hit and customers immediately began ordering pizza with a side of wings – the Pizza and Wings Combo was born.

Our Wings are born of that same satisfying feeling. A writer for Fancy Food & Culinary Products blog (9-23-16) put it this way when they first tasted our Peanut Butter Wings, “It’s a fantastically rich experience that make your eyes pop out a little when you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. Halfway through one chip and I melted; all the stresses of the day faded, and it was just me and my wings for a blissful two minutes. Then I sinned: I got up to have another. So that’s four minutes. OK, and then another. Count ’em, six minutes of true bliss …”

The blogger also understood that Peanut Butter Wings are one of the most unique gifts you can give, “It’s definitely a memorable gift, too, because it’s so unique; I haven’t seen anything like them. And I keep going back to that potato chip – it’s genius; it’s a different take on something that everyone knows and everyone loves.”

National media outlets have featured Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings including Food Network’s hit show Unwrapped, NBC’s Today Show, ABC News and Food Factory which aired on Food Network Canada. Whatever the occasion, business or personal, whether you need one Combo Chocolate Pizza with nuts and Wings or thousands, this is a gourmet chocolate gift that everyone loves.

Allergy note: All of our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.

Additional information

Chocolate Pizza Size

Large (+$18.00) (12-in. diameter; 28 oz.), Regular (16oz)

Chocolate Flavor

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Choice of Peanut Butter Wings

Large (16 oz) Dark Chocolate (+$9.00), Large (16 oz) Milk Chocolate (+$9.00), Regular (8oz) Dark Chocolate, Regular (8oz) Milk Chocolate

Add a Bow?

Yes, please add a bow, (+$1.50), No thank you.

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