Mansket | no frills, no fluff gift basket for men – duct tape bow


  • No-frills, no-fluff, man-cave approved for the tough guy on your list
  • Brown paper bag holds Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz)
  • 6 chocolate covered cookies, Candy Avalanche Pizza slice
  • Chocolate covered Twinkie (Moompa). Duct tape “bow”


Leave blank if no gift note required.


Finding gift baskets for men is a real challenge. It may be your dad, your husband, your brother, your boyfriend or a colleague – but you know the type. He’s no-frills, no fluff, nothing fancy – think cowboy, lumberjack, fireman, construction, miner, outdoorsman – rough and ready, he never asks for gifts but if he gets one he likes it simple and practical. He’s a man who would not be caught dead carrying a gift basket around with its pretty over-wrap and bows. But, you also know that underneath that tough guy exterior is a man who loves his chocolate, especially chocolate & peanut butter. We have the gift idea for him. Meet the Mansket – yes, the Mansket – its a “man’s basket” and it’s not like any gift idea you’ve ever seen.

The Mansket is made for that tough, cowboy-type man in your life who will definitely get a kick out of this surprise. The chocolate is awesome and includes our famous Peanut Butter Wings (rippled potato chips covered in peanut butter dipped in chocolate, 8 oz.), a Candy Avalanche Chocolate Pizza Slice (9 oz of pure candy bliss), 6 chocolate covered cookies (a full half-dozen) and a Moompa (yes, it’s a chocolate covered Twinkie). This is manly chocolate that he will devour in packaging he can related to. The Mansket is unique to say the least. We put the chocolate in a paper bag instead of a basket, added newspaper instead of tissue paper and finished with a piece of silver duct tape (what else would we use!) for a bow he’ll appreciate. The Mansket is as fun to give as it is to get. We’ll even write your gift note in magic marker on the outside of the bag – no cute gift tags here! There’s nothing like a Mansket – it’s a Chocolate Pizza Company exclusive.