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People love Christmas gift baskets and there is no end to what can be put inside them. During the holidays, baskets filled with edible goodies are always the most appreciated by gift recipients. So, it makes perfect sense to look for gift baskets filled with treats. But what if you just want to focus on chocolate gift baskets? Well, we’re going to help you out with your basket selection by giving you our top 10 best ideas for holiday chocolate gift baskets.

Impress with a Generous Assortment

Top of the Line Gift Basket. Make a big impression on your gift recipient by choosing a basket that is practically overflowing with gourmet chocolate treats. This basket contains three Chocolate Pizza slices, large Peanut Butter Wings, Chocolate-Covered Pretzels and a bevy of other sweet goodies they are sure to enjoy. The weaved wicker basket can be used for all sorts of things long after the chocolate is gone.

Give the Best of Everything

Best Chocolate Ever. You may have them singing your praises after they get a look at what comes with this basket. Inside the basket are plentiful treats, including chocolate paired with crispy rice and chocolate-covered graham crackers. Plus, there’s a Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter wings (crispy, ruffled potato chips slathered in creamy peanut butter and dunked in chocolate).

Indulge the Chocolate Lover

I Love Chocolate. Anyone who says this phrase to you makes it clear that they are going to be fans of this basket. It is stuffed with great-tasting treats covered with milk and dark chocolate. Oh, and there are drizzles of white chocolate to give them an added thrill.

Cater to Chocolate Preferences

Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket. This treat basket is for when you want to send someone a basket filled with only milk chocolate or dark chocolate goodies. There is also an assorted option.

Make a Peanut Butter Lover Happy 

Peanut Butter Gift Basket. Oh boy! There is nothing quite like the sweet nutty goodness of chocolate and peanut butter blissfully paired together. This rich, delicious combination is expressed in various crunchy, silky smooth and decadent ways.

Something for the No Frills Guy

Mansket. What is this? Why, it’s a “nothing fancy” expression of your appreciation for a guy who deserves to enjoy the best gourmet chocolate treats. He can munch on them while kicking back and doing his guy thing.

Chocolate for the Rugged Guy

Lumberjack Basket for Men. Rugged guys love chocolate too, and this basket gives him high quality chocolate tucked inside of a buffalo plaid print basket. It’s a down-to-earth presentation that makes him feel special.

Gourmet Pizza and More

Chocolate Cravings Pizza Basket. This is the gift basket to choose when you want to give a chocolate lover something unique and memorable. The best tasting gourmet Chocolate Pizza ever comes in a separate box with a basket filled with chocolate-covered graham crackers, potato chips, rice crispy squares and more. Cravings will be satisfied with this one.

Celebrate a Birthday 

Happy Birthday Chocolate. This is a great way to send warm wishes during the holidays to someone who has a birthday in December. It’s upbeat, fun and delicious.

Send Sweet Thanks

Thank You Chocolates. The holidays are a time to show your appreciation for family, friends, coworkers, clients and business associates. This is a classy and delightfully tasty way to send a thank you gift.

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