Businesses give gifts at the holidays for many reasons and every year the challenge is to find something memorable. The holiday business gift is not just an expression from the business it is a reflection of the business. Since Aztecs first made chocolate the gift of kings nearly 4,000 years ago, the humble cocoa pod has taken the world by storm. Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, and its seeds were so prized they were used as currency. It is no surprise then that today chocolate gift baskets are among the top business gifts for the holidays.

According to industry statistics, gift basket sales are about $5 billion a year with chocolate gift baskets making up a lion’s share of that total. But there is a wide range of chocolate gift baskets on the market so be sure to do your homework. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a chocolate gift basket for holiday business gifts:

  1. What do you see in their pictures?

This may seem like an odd consideration but it is a revealing insight. Many chocolate gift baskets are simply ordinary chocolate bars and snacks stuffed into a basket with over-wrap and bow. It is the same chocolate that you would find in a grocery checkout aisle or movie theatre counter but they want the volume of candy to be what you notice. Most of those basket companies don’t make the chocolate. If the picture of the gift basket shows the chocolate in a box or wrapper, then there is a good chance that the packaging is more impressive than the chocolate.

Our pictures tell a different story. Chocolate Pizza Company gift basket pictures show you the chocolate, not the wrappers. Our photographs focus on what the chocolate looks like, not what the package looks like. That’s because we want the chocolate to be the star – we’re proud of our chocolate and so we feature it prominently. Our over-wrap and bows are just as nice as the next guy but our chocolate makes us special.

chocolate gift baskets

  1. What variety do they offer?

Anyone can assemble a gift basket with store-bought chocolates but what goes into a business gift basket is as important as how it looks. Variety is not just a different colored wrapper but rather a collection of unique tastes, appearance and textures. The chocolate should surprise and impress, it should set a high bar by being visually stunning and then exceed those expectations with a taste that is truly remarkable. After all, you want this gift to represent your business well, to convey to the recipient that they have received something special.

Chocolate Pizza Company handcrafts gourmet chocolate specialties that are one-of-a-kind. Every gift basket is a testament to the skill of our chocolatiers and the quality of our ingredients. We use the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate and homemade English toffee to make our famous Chocolate Pizza. Our Peanut Butter Wings are made individually with creamy peanut butter spread over crisp, rippled potato chips before being drenched in rich milk or dark chocolate. These two products headline a banner array of so many gourmet chocolate treats.

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For example, Caramel & Nut Drumsticks are a popular addition. Salted pretzel rod is dipped in caramel, rolled in nuts, dipped in chocolate and drizzled with more chocolate and finished with a splash of sea salt. Or, a S’more Treat with soft, fluffy marshmallow sandwiched between chocolate covered graham crackers and drizzled in white chocolate. Or, any of our chocolate specialties like Toffee Nut Crunch, Raspberry Almond Rush or classic chocolate covered pretzel twists.

There is so much to choose from and because we hand-decorate our chocolate every piece is unique from the start. When someone receives a chocolate gift basket from Chocolate Pizza Company they know immediately that this is special chocolate.

Chocolate Pizza Company makes over 100 gourmet chocolate sweets that give our chocolate gift baskets an unmatched range of tastes. And our chocolatiers love the holidays – it brings out their creativity. The seasonal accents and hand-decorated work mean that a chocolate gift basket from Chocolate Pizza Company is a feast for the eyes and a celebration for the taste buds.

We make the chocolate that goes into every gift basket we sell. We know how fresh and how unique our chocolate is because it came from our own chocolatiers. We’re not a gift basket company that stuffs chocolate into baskets – we are a chocolate company that shares its chocolate in baskets. There is a difference.

This holiday, give a chocolate gift basket that is as unique as your business.